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Welcome to Rising Light Reiki

E Komo Mai!  Welcome! The path of Reiki is an extraordinary journey of healing and transformation and whether you're seeking help and support for your own healing, or are interested in learning to help others, it can greatly benefit anyone’s life. Reiki helps you to take charge of your own wellness, and also to be of greater service to other people and animals, too. If you want to feel freer, happier, healthier, more fulfilled, you've come to the right place!

With decades of experience in the fields of Reiki, Energy Healing, Health, and Wellness, Joan is a gifted practitioner, teacher, and mentor. She's insightful, calm, kind and caring and is happy to share the wisdom and knowledge she's accumulated over her lifetime. She listens to clients with deep awareness, understanding, and compassion, and teaches her students with clarity, patience, humor, and Grace.

As a professional Licensed Reiki Master Teacher, Joan's true passion is teaching Reiki. She loves empowering others to heal themselves, their loved ones, animals, and in turn... the world. She says, "I didn't even believe in Reiki at first, so if I can learn Reiki anyone can! It's so easy to learn, so helpful and effective. This is why I love teaching it so much."

“My home is the Big Island of Hawaii and I bring to my work the warmth and sacredness of the “Aloha Spirit”. A-lo-ha literally means “the breath of God” and is a recognition of the sacred Divinity within another. I honor and recognize this Light within every living being I encounter."

Aloha Pumehana…..

Benefits of Holy Fire® III Reiki

Holy Fire® III Reiki is a more powerful, yet gentler form of Reiki. It works synergistically with other forms of Reiki and guides us, heals us, and empowers us with its beautiful Love and Light, opening our hearts and souls, like the blossoming Lotus flower opens to the sun, revealing our Authentic Self and highest potential. It helps us to heal our ego and Culturally Created Self. It also helps us to access and heal our deepest issues, gently and effectively, so our personal growth accelerates and we can shine in our Light as we fulfill our sacred purpose on Earth.

  • Heals, empowers, purifies, protects, guides
  • Opens you to higher realms of consciousness
  • Higher frequency of Reiki energy works faster
  • Works equally well in-person or long distance
  • Heals and releases Negative Energy Patterns
  • Safely and gently removes Spirit Attachments
  • Balances and clears Chakras and Meridians
  • Installs Divine Love more deeply in your heart
  • Harmonizes and empowers all forms of Reiki
  • Increases your intuition and awareness
  • Deepens your connection with nature
  • Gentle yet more powerful and effective
  • Connects you with your Live Purpose
  • Heals the Ego and the Dormant Self
  • Reveals your Authentic Self

Testimonials from Reiki Students and Clients