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Welcome to Rising Light Reiki

E Komo Mai!  Welcome!
Rising Light Reiki empowers you to take charge of your wellness and be freer, happier, healthier, and more fulfilled. The path of Reiki is an extraordinary journey of healing and transformation, whether you're seeking help and support for your own healing, or are interested in learning to help others. 

Healing sessions quiet the mind and calm the nervous system, turning off the stress response of fight/flight/freeze that keeps you stuck in endless cycles of suffering. It's impossible to function well when you're constantly stressed because your body, mind, emotions, and spirit shut down. When you're calm your body can heal the way it's designed to, your mind is clear and focused, your heart is open and receives love, your intuition is inspiring, your spirit is shining, and you feel deeply connected to life. Reiki gently and effectively gets you unstuck so you are free to live a healthy, joyful, meaningful, life you love.

Learning Reiki is a beautiful uplifting experience and provides you with very useful life skills that you can use anywhere, anytime. Anyone can learn Reiki because it's simple, easy, effective, and you feel positive changes right away.
We offer all levels of Reiki training in-person and online, from beginner to advanced Master and Animal Reiki too. So there's something for everyone. All classes are taught by Joan Maute, a professionally trained Licensed Reiki Master Teacher with the International Center for Reiki Training, so you receive the highest quality training possible.

Joan is from the Big Island of Hawaii and brings to her work the warmth and sacredness of the “Aloha Spirit”. A-lo-ha literally means “the breath of God” and is a recognition of the sacred Divinity within another.

Aloha Pumehana….. Warmest Aloha to You!

Benefits of Holy Fire® III Reiki

Holy Fire® III Reiki is a more powerful, yet gentler form of Reiki. It works synergistically with other forms of Reiki and guides us, heals us, and empowers us with its beautiful Love and Light, opening our hearts and souls, like the blossoming Lotus flower opens to the sun, revealing our Authentic Self and highest potential. It helps us to heal our ego and Culturally Created Self. It also helps us to access and heal our deepest issues, gently and effectively, so our personal growth accelerates and we can shine in our Light as we fulfill our sacred purpose on Earth.

  • Relieves stress and anxiety and replaces it with peace
  • Turns off the Stress Response and calms the nerves
  • Accelerates your natural healing process
  • Gentle yet very powerful and effective
  • Works equally well in-person or long distance
  • Can send healing to the past and future
  • Identifies and releases Negative Energy Patterns
  • Safely and gently removes Spirit Attachments
  • Balances and clears Chakras and Meridians
  • Opens you to higher realms of consciousness
  • Installs Divine Love more deeply in your heart
  • Harmonizes and empowers all forms of Reiki
  • Heals, empowers, purifies, protects, guides
  • Increases your intuition and awareness
  • Deepens your connection with nature
  • Connects you with your Life Purpose
  • Heals the Ego and the Dormant Self
  • Reveals your inner Divine Self

Testimonials from Reiki Students and Clients