ICRT Animal Reiki History

Animal Reiki is a new Reiki energy and is a different frequency than human Reiki, having it’s own energy. The placements (attunements) attune you to this new frequency and unify the Animal Reiki energy with your existing Reiki energy and symbols so you can continue using whatever style of Reiki you already have in addition to the new frequency of the Animal Reiki, so they will work in harmony together. This is why the classes are open to all Reiki lineages.

About 8 years ago, William Lee Rand, founder of the International Center for Reiki Training, asked one of his senior ICRT Licensed teachers, Colleen Benelli, to develop an Animal Reiki Training course. She was very excited about the request and devoted herself to the new project, recruiting her daughter Robyn (who’s a Reiki Master/Teacher, grew up with animals on the family farm, and has seriously excellent tech skills), and her friend Sioux Strong (who’s a Reiki Master/Teacher, has a degree in Exotic Animal Training and Management, is an emergency vet tech, and has decades of experience working with service dogs, exotic animals, and her own animals), and Pam Allen-Leblanc (who’s a Licensed Reiki Master Teacher with ICRT, animal communicator, and has decades of experience with horses and other animals on her Hidden Brook Farm in Canada).

They all got together and met regularly thinking the classes were going to be just about teaching tools and techniques and they’d have it done in 6 months, tops. Well, the Reiki had it’s own time frame and it just wasn’t ready by then. So then they thought, OK maybe a year. But…. the energy still wasn’t ready. And another year went by, and another, and finally they gave up and just flowed with it as it unfolded into the most beautiful, profoundly powerful thing – an amazing gift to the animals, the humans, and the entire natural world. 6 years after they started it was finally ready, and they were so grateful that they’d been patient and waited for it to be complete.

The energy contained in these classes is deeply life altering. Even if you already have an intimate connection with animals and the natural world, you will still have a profound experience in these classes. The Animal Reiki energy completely alters your relationship with the natural world in the most beautiful and unexpected ways, particularly by connecting you with the beautiful energies of the Divine Animal Kingdom and the Spirit of the Earth.