Benefits of Training with Rising Light Reiki

Our Reiki Certification Trainings are offered online and in-person. All levels of Certifications are now for online/in-person. Online trainings are live in real time. Nothing is pre-recorded. They contain the same material and format as our in-person trainings, with a few online modifications. Classes run for the same amount of time and same number of days.

Are you ready to learn the gift of healing for yourself, your loved ones, and the world?

ICRT Reiki Certification Training

  • Top quality in-person and live online trainings
  • Affordable class tuition fees
  • Affiliation with The International Center for Reiki Training
  • ICRT Reiki Certifications are highly regarded and recognized worldwide
  • Learn from an experienced professional licensed teacher in a supportive setting
  • Standardized Usui/Holy Fire® III and Karuna Reiki® classes of the highest quality
  • Train with one of the largest, most respected Reiki training organizations in the world
  • Free information on The ICRT website for your personal and professional support
  • Be your own boss and create the business, work schedule, and life you want
  • Opportunity to live an inspired, fulfilling, and prosperous life you love
  • All levels of Reiki training offered from beginner to advanced Master
  • Continuing support and mentoring for as long as you need it
  • Reiki Membership Association for ICRT Reiki Masters
  • Inexpensive professional liability insurance for ICRT Reiki Masters

The Gift of Healing

Give the gift of healing to yourself and to those you love – family, friends, pets, co-workers, clients. As an ICRT Certified and Registered Usui/Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher, Joan offers classes of the highest quality using the ICRT class format and official ICRT Reiki manuals (now available in English, French, and Spanish). Because Reiki is an ever evolving energy, the ICRT manuals and classes are updated periodically to reflect the most recently discovered historical information, energetic upgrades, and changes that have taken place with Reiki so you get the most current training and information available. Reiki Classes are held on the Big Island of Hawaii, Charlottesville, VA, other states, and Canada.

Payment Plans

Payment plans are available for students in need. Serious students are not turn away because of financial constraints.
Students pay the class deposit and then make 4 automatic monthly payments on the tuition balance with a subscription plan payable with credit card or PayPal.
Deposit and first payment must be paid in full prior to the first day of class.
Please contact Joan for more info.
434-962-4108 or

Group Reiki Deepening Programs

Build your Reiki self confidence and skills as you go deeper into your Reiki experience. This group mentoring program will strengthen your Reiki, build confidence in your abilities, and connect you more closely to your Source of Being. Join with your peers and share the joy of Reiki with each other as you learn and grow together.

Private mentoring also available. For more info send inquiries to:
434-962-4108 or

Sponsor a Class

Sponsor a class in your area and take the class for free!
If you’re interested in sharing the power of Reiki with others in your community, please contact Joan for more info:
434-962-4108 or