Distance Reiki

People often ask if Distance Reiki really works. The answer is absolutely YES! It works in just the same way as in-person. One of the great benefits of Reiki energy healing is that the energy isn’t constrained by time or space and works equally well in-person or from a distance. In-person sessions are very comforting because of the touch and warmth of the practitioner’s hands, as well as their calming presence. But many people are surprised to discover that distance sessions feel very much the same.

It’s quite handy to have access to a very powerful healing technique that can be experienced from any distance. Distance Reiki is instantly felt by the receiver who benefits just as much as in-person. The receiver often feels like a soft, warm blanket is over them, and at times even feels a comforting sensation like the warmth of the practitioner’s hands on them.

Distance Reiki sessions offer the convenience and safety of receiving healing energy in the comfort of your home so there’s no driving, no touching, no stress, just powerful healing energy that’s safe and extremely beneficial. Distance Reiki can effectively address physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues, especially at this crucial time when we all need help and support more than ever.