Healing Sessions

In-person Reiki sessions are currently available in Waikoloa, Hawaii for a limited number of clients.
Distance Reiki offers the same results and healing benefits from the comfort of your home.

As you progress along your healing journey, each session will be somewhat different depending on what areas you still need help with. Combining healing modalities is especially powerful in supporting your healing process and sessions can include Usui/Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki®, Polarity Therapy, Ho’oponopono, Ho’oponoReiki®, Chakra/Meridian Balancing and Clearing and other proven energy healing modalities that treat your whole being on every level – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Single Sessions are available and various Healing Packages are offered to serve your specific needs.

Whether you are receiving distance or in-person sessions, we start with a consultation to check in and determine what you most need help with at that time, and then proceed with the treatment. After the consult, you then lay down comfortably in a comfortable place in your home, or on a massage table for in-person. Relaxing music is playing and as the treatment begins you feel a deep sense of calm and peace come over you, sort of like a soft, warm blanket. This allows you to drift off into a deeply healing state while the practitioner is working with you. Upon completion of the session clients typically feel much better – calm, relaxed, refreshed, clearer, the intensity of your problem often diminishes noticeably, or is completely gone, and you experience a more positive and hopeful outlook on life.  

New clients – first session is 1½ hrs. and follow up sessions are typically 1 hr.

Single Sessions

If you just need a tune-up for energy clearing and balancing.
Typically, deeper long term issues need multiple sessions to resolve and heal.
New clients (or existing clients wanting a longer session)
1 1/2 hr. Session – $165 (30 min. consultation & 60 min. treatment)
Existing client follow-up sessions
1 hr. Session – $110 (15 min. consultation & 45 min. treatment)

Wellness Maintenance (save 10-15% off single 1 hr. session rates)

All 1 hr. sessions (for returning clients only)
4 sessions – $396 (10% off - save $44)
6 sessions – $580 (12% off - save $80)
8 sessions – $748 (15% off - save $132)

Reiki for Children

Is your child suffering from anxiety, overwhelm, behavioral issues, emotional trauma, or chronic health issues? Children are highly sensitive and pick up on the energy around them, easily absorbing negative energy patterns that are not theirs and do not serve them. This can be deeply disturbing to children, especially because they don’t have the experience or skills to deal with their feelings or shield themselves from outer influences that have negative impacts on them. This energy healing package helps clear the child’s energy field of unwanted patterns, energies and entities, as well as bring the meridians and chakras back into balance. It also helps them understand they are not helpless and do have a lot of control over their well-being. Young children absorb the Reiki energy much more quickly than older kids or adults and therefore need much less time.

Please request your free 15 minute consultation to discuss issues and treatment options.

Reiki for Animals

Distance Reiki and in-person sessions available. Animals need healing just as much as humans and receive Reiki very well, as they have no blocks or preconceived ideas about it like us humans do. Once an animal feels the Reiki, they usually want it as often as they can get it! If your horse or pet is suffering from physical or behavioral issues, Reiki can be enormously helpful in bringing them comfort, promoting healing, and improving your connection with them. I have been working with horses and for over 40 years loving them, training, competing, and helping them heal. I also work with all types of smaller animals to help bring them relief from suffering.

Please request your free 15 minute consultation to discuss issues and treatment options.