ICRT Purpose and Philosophy

Center Purpose

  • To establish and maintain standards for teaching Reiki.
  • To train practitioners and teachers.
  • To create instruction manuals for use in Reiki classes.
  • To encourage the establishment of Reiki support groups where people can give and receive Reiki treatments.
  • To support people in the development and use of their Reiki skills.
  • To encourage students to become successful Reiki teachers if they are guided to do so.
  • To research new information about Reiki and to develop new techniques to improve its use.
  • To openly acknowledge the value provided by all Reiki practitioners and teachers regardless of their lineage or affiliation.
  • To promote the friendly cooperation between all Reiki practitioners and teachers toward the goal of healing ourselves and planet earth through the use of Reiki.

Center Philosophy

  • Honesty and clarity in one’s thinking.
  • The willingness to recognize prejudice in oneself and replace it with truth and love. Compassion for those who have decided not to do this.
  • Speaking the truth without judgment or blame.
  • Respect for the right of others to form their own values and beliefs.
  • Placing greater value on learning from experience and inner guidance than on the teachings of an authority.
  • Basing the value of a theory or technique on the verifiable results it helps one achieve.
  • Being open to results rather than attached to them.
  • Taking personal responsibility for one’s situation in life.
  • Assuming that one has the resources or the ability to develop them in order to solve any problem encountered.
  • Using negative, and positive experiences to heal, and grow.
  • Trusting completely in the Higher Power regardless of the name one chooses to call it.
  • The complete expression of Love as the highest goal.