In-Person vs. Distance Healing Sessions

In-person sessions can be conducted hands-on, hands-off, or a combination of both styles. Hands-on feels very comforting due to the warmth and touch of the practitioner’s hands. You may feel unusual heat, or tingles, or pulsations or a combination of sensations coming from the practitioner’s hands, or even inside of your body, as the practitioner uses their skills and intuition to work with you in a way that serves your highest good. Hands-off style works more with your aura and finer energetic bodies. Interestingly, the client often feels warmth, like the practitioners hands are still on them. When the treatment is completed, we discuss what showed up during the session, and how to proceed with self-care and follow-up treatments, if you need them.

Distance sessions are basically the same as in-person sessions. We start with a consultation and then move on to the treatment. The treatment can be “hands-on” or “hands-off” with the practitioner using a surrogate, such as a large teddy bear, laying their hands on it where you need the healing, or working in your aura. The sensations in the practitioner’s hands feel exactly the same to them as in-person. And at times the client may feel heat, tingles, or pulsating energy, or even like the practitioner’s hands are on them even though they’re far away. Because of the nature of Reiki, time and space are irrelevant and the healing energy is transmitted instantly to the client. At the end of your session you feel relaxed and balanced, often accompanied by a deep sense of peace.