Karuna Master Training – Holy Fire® III World Peace Reiki

Immersing yourself in Karuna Reiki is like a gift of Love to yourself and the World. Karuna, “the Reiki of Compassion”, is a beautiful form of Reiki. The energy of the eight unique symbols combined with the energy of Holy Fire® III is very powerful and effective, yet surprisingly gentle, healing and guiding you in unexpected and amazing ways.

[Prerequisite – Certified Usui Reiki Master for minimum of 6 mos.]

This training includes the new Holy Fire World Peace Ignition, revealing your Authentic Self and connecting you to the collective consciousness of World Peace. You become a beacon of Light for World Peace anywhere you are, anywhere you go.

Online trainings are live in real time. Nothing is pre-recorded. They contain the same material and format as our in-person trainings, with a few modifications. Classes run for the same amount of time and same number of days. You will receive a hard copy manual in the mail or a digital PDF manual. Official hard copy certificates are mailed.

In-person trainings in Hawaii and Virginia
Train in-person in Hawaii and experience the magic of receiving your Reiki attunements by the ocean! Parts of this class are taught on the beautiful white sand beaches of the west side of the Big Island. Or come to beautiful Charlottesville, VA near the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Online Class Times (Daylight Time) - US/CA:
6am-2:30pm ~ Hawaii (7am-3:30pm Standard time)
9am-5:30pm ~ Pacific
12pm-8:30pm ~ Eastern

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Online Class Times - AUS/NZ/ASIA/HI:
7am-3:30pm ~ Perth/Hong Kong/Taiwan/Singapore 
8am-4:30pm ~ Tokyo
9am-5:30pm ~ Brisbane/Sydney 
11am-7:30pm ~ New Zealand 
1pm-9:30pm ~ Hawaii 

(All tuitions in USD)

Payment plans are available for students in need.
Pay the class deposit and then make 4 automatic monthly payments on the tuition balance with a subscription plan payable with credit card or PayPal.
Deposit and first payment must be paid in full prior to the first day of class.
Please contact us for more info.
434-962-4108 or joan@RisingLightReiki.com

Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki ® is a unique form of Reiki that was developed by the founder of ICRT, William Lee Rand, and a group of his experienced Licensed Reiki Master Teachers between 1993 and 1995. This wonderful form of Reiki started out with several other names and in 1995 William was guided to call it Karuna Reiki®, “the Reiki of Compassion”. The energy of the eight beautiful Karuna Reiki® symbols combined with the energy of Holy Fire® III is very powerful and effective, yet surprisingly gentle. Only ICRT Certified Karuna Reiki® Master Teachers who have been trained in this method are qualified to teach Karuna Reiki®.

This advanced 3 day intensive training does not replace Usui Reiki, the foundation of traditional Reiki practices, but is an advanced Master class that takes you beyond Usui with an upgrade of the ever evolving energy of Reiki. The eight Karuna Reiki® symbols have more specific uses and can be used alone, or combined with the Usui symbols and the Holy Fire® Master symbol. Karuna Reiki® also works well with other natural healing modalities and Western medical treatments.

For serious students who want to develop themselves and their skills to the highest level possible, private Reiki Master Mentorship programs are available for your support and continuing education.

Note – In the ICRT system of teaching, Level I&II “Attunements” are now “Placements” and Master Level “Attunements” are now “Ignitions”. This shift in Reiki energy occurred on its own and has brought in a much higher frequency of Reiki with the new Holy Fire® III Reiki energy.

Class includes:

  • ICRT Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master Manual
  • Online Training Supplement
  • 1 year subscription to the Reiki News Magazine
  • Holy Fire® III Experiences
  • Healing the Ego
  • Authentic Self, Culturally Created Self, Dormant Self
  • The Twelve Heavens (Levels of Consciousness)
  • Brothers and Sisters of the Light
  • 4 Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master Ignitions
  • Holy Fire Master Symbol and uses
  • 8 Karuna Reiki® Master Symbols & uses
  • Healing Spirit Attachments
  • Healing Early life, Past life, and Ancestral trauma
  • How to give Placements, Ignitions and teach Karuna Reiki®
  • Discussion and lots of practice time
  • ICRT Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master Certificate

*Students may review for free if they meet the following criteria:

  • Student has taken the class already with Rising Light Reiki
  • Student does not want a new manual or certificate
  • Student does not have any unpaid balances or unpaid invoices with Rising Light Reiki

Online classes - may be attended for review any time whether student took their class online or in-person. Student may register online as a reviewing student at no charge.

In-Person classes - attendance is based on space available. Students may submit a request and will be notified 3 days prior to class if there is an open spot.

Holy Fire® is the registered service mark of William Lee Rand