Online Training FAQs

With the rapid shifts happening on the planet that we’re all experiencing right now, the Reiki world is navigating new territory. ICRT has never offered online classes before, or even considered them to be acceptable, for many reasons. But in answer to our prayers for a way to continue teaching Reiki at a time when the world needs it more than ever, Holy Fire® Reiki gave us an even more powerful form of itself that enables us to safely and effectively give the attunements and training online.

I have to say that initially I was very resistant to the idea of online Reiki, as there is so much faux Reiki out there these days. But the new Holy Fire® energy is indeed stronger, as everyone who’s already received it has experienced. And the response from students that have taken our new online trainings already has been extremely positive. I still prefer in-person classes, but am very grateful for the new online option, especially right now. This option also gives us a way in the future to reach people who can’t attend in-person classes for various reasons.