Online Training FAQs

Why is online Reiki training OK now?

With the rapid shifts happening on the planet that we’re all experiencing right now, the Reiki world is navigating new territory. ICRT has never offered online classes before, or even considered them to be acceptable, for many reasons. But in answer to our prayers for a way to continue teaching Reiki at a time when the world needs it more than ever, Holy Fire® Reiki gave us an even more powerful form of itself that enables us to safely and effectively give the attunements and training online.

I have to say that initially I was very resistant to the idea of online Reiki, as there is so much faux Reiki out there these days. But the new Holy Fire® energy is indeed stronger, as everyone who’s already received it has experienced. And the response from students that have taken our new online trainings already has been extremely positive. I still prefer in-person classes, but am very grateful for the new online option, especially right now. This option also gives us a way in the future to reach people who can’t attend in-person classes for various reasons.

I am wondering if I should wait for an in-person class?

In-person classes are certainly preferable, but currently I am not offering any until later this Summer (please see class schedule). You have the option of taking an online class sooner and then reviewing for free at an in-person class at a later date (space available). For the rest of this year, in-person classes will be in Hawaii or Virginia.

Will I still receive the same certification allowing me to practice Reiki?

Yes, Certified Level I&II Practitioners for In-person Reiki and Distance Reiki so you can work with clients right away online. Certified Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master and Certified Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master now also include how to teach online classes.

What’s the difference between traditional Usui Attunements and Holy Fire® Placements/Ignitions?

Since 2015 with the appearance of Holy Fire® Reiki, we have been giving attunements in a different way. Rather than the traditional method of the teacher physically placing the Reiki energy into the student’s energy field, Holy Fire® now sends the Reiki energy to the student directly in a guided meditation process. This method allows the student to receive the pure form of Reiki energy, rather than being compromised by passing through another person, the teacher. It’s been found to be a much more efficient and powerful way to give attunements. With this change Usui Level I, II, and Master attunements are now referred to as Placements, as the Holy Fire® places the Reiki in the student’s energy field. Holy Fire® Master attunements are now referred to as Ignitions, as the Holy Fire® energy is ignited in the student’s energy field.

Can you do the Placements and Ignitions online?

Yes, we can now because of the recent Holy Fire® III upgrade. And because of our different attunement process we’ve been using for the past six years, giving Placements and Ignitions online works in the same way as in-person and feels amazingly powerful.

I am confident the course information and presentation will be just as effective but do you feel that the attunement will be as strong?

Our experience in working with the new energy is that it is much stronger that before.

How are the online Placements and Ignitions different from in-person?

They’re actually the same. The in-person and online Placements and Ignitions are conducted in the same way with a guided meditation that allows the Holy Fire® to send the student the attunements directly without the need for the teacher to touch the student.

How will the course be managed online to address questions from the students?

The class will be taught live in the same basic format as in-person: same materials, live demos, Q&A, same time frame, etc. After demos, lecture, discussion, there will be time allotted for students to ask questions in a gallery view so all students can hear/see the questions and answers.

What software will you use to connect for the course?

We are using a Zoom platform, as it’s easy for teacher and students, and seems to be safe since they recently added much needed security measures.

Do I need any special equipment to take an online class?

Students will need a computer or tablet capable of running Zoom and have it downloaded on their device prior to the class. It’s also necessary to have good connectivity, a working camera and mic, and a comfortable quiet space free of distractions.

Will the online class be continuous from 9-6:30? I am a bit concerned about being on a computer for 2-3 days straight as I’m sensitive to EMFs.

This is definitely a concern for everyone. Spending hours online is not fun and can be very tiring, especially for those who are sensitive. So we’ll take lots of breaks to move around, get away from the screen, get some fresh air. Lunch is an hour and can be extended if need be. The classes rarely go until 6:30pm and often finish early by an hour or more.

What about students who are in different time zones?

Because we can have online students in the same class from very different time zones, and because the online classes seem to go faster, I’m exploring setting class times as follows so nobody is too early or too late:
Hawaii Time: 7am-3pm
Alaska Time: 9am-5pm
Pacific Time: 10am-6pm
Mountain Time: 11am-7pm
Central Time: 12pm-8pm
Eastern Time: 1pm-9pm