April 8’s Historic Solar Eclipse & the New Moon

The Spiritual Meaning Of April 8's Historic Solar Eclipse & New Moon



Whew, it’s a busy day!! Total solar eclipse, 8 planets in perfect alignment, a comet, and a new moon in Aires, the first sign of the zodiac! Hang on to your hat!!

This special new moon represents the synergy between the sun and moon, and it will also symbolize new beginnings, deep emotional rejuvenation, and the shedding of old habits. New moons are seen as a time for planting seeds of intention for what you wish to grow in the coming lunar cycle. This time is all about setting goals, making plans, and laying the groundwork for the future!

During an eclipse, expect the unexpected. A total solar eclipse can block an unhealthy situation or person out of your life, which can ultimately prove a major blessing. Spiritually speaking, what’s hidden in the shadows tends to come to light during an eclipse. You might not see it coming, but it could assist you in unexpected ways. New opportunities may also appear out of the blue.

Much like a lunar eclipse, a solar eclipse can sometimes seem like it’s speeding up time and pushing you to take much-needed action. This can be shocking, but these events were likely going to happen anyway. Eclipses just bring these budding changes, however jarring, into fruition. Once this is done, these differences can all work together for your greater good.


The Energy Of The Solar Eclipse

While the total solar eclipse will be amazing to witness all on its own — especially since there won’t be another one like it in the United States until 2044 — it will also boost all the unique effects of the Aries new moon.

The solar eclipse amplifies the new moon energy, marking it as a time of significant change, unexpected developments, and powerful revelations that can redirect our paths in life. You can think of it as the new moon on steroids.

It’s also important to note that the new moon and eclipse are happening during Mercury retrograde, which kicked in on April 1. Mercury retrograde, notorious for its trickster antics, promises a whirlwind of flashbacks, so you might hear from someone from your past or notice other quirks throughout the day.

April’s New Moon in Aires

Here’s what to know about the April 8 new moon’s spiritual meaning and how to embrace the its energy.

Like all new moons, the one on April 8 will symbolize a fresh start and a chance to reset your intentions as it sets a new tone for the next six months, but because it’s located in the zodiac sign Aries, you’ll likely feel a lot more confident than usual when making these changes.

As a fire sign, Aries is known for courage, leadership, and a pioneering spirit, which further strengthens the themes of the new moon. So instead of simply daydreaming about your future self, you’ll lock into that vision with extra determination.

With all the Aries energy circulating in the ether, you might even come across a few more opportunities to take a chance or make a bold decision, and your gut will scream at you to go for it. Keep an eye out for moments where you can go off the beaten path or take a little risk, whether it’s in your career, in a relationship — or just for fun.

The theme of Aries is “I am”, so this is a zodiac sign stressing the importance of our personal identity and the self. It is time to consciously decide who we are and who we want to be, instead of what we are expected to be.

How To Work With This Moon’s Energy

April’s new moon is the perfect time to learn more about yourself. Try some rituals and practices to work with the Aries energy.

Make A Mind Map

Setting aside time for journaling can be incredibly rewarding. As you scribble, reflect on how you feel right now, where you’d like to be in the future, and any barriers you’ll need to overcome to get there.

For a little more structure, try creating a mind map. Setting clear, actionable goals and outlining steps to achieve them in the near future is essential.

Prepare Your Space

During eclipses, I prepare my space by cleaning thoroughly and lighting candles themed around the zodiac sign in focus. For this new moon eclipse in Aries, selecting candles themed around courage, freedom, independence, and bravery aligns well with the sign’s energy. Think spicy-scented candles or aromas that remind you of an adventurous time in your life.

Wear Red

Since Aries is a fire sign, go ahead and bring more red into your life as a way to embrace its fiery, courageous vibe. Pick up a bunch of orange flowers, wear your favorite red shirt, or get a crimson manicure. It’ll be a cheeky nod to the new moon, and a reminder to be extra brave.

Get Up & Move

Any physical activity will align with Aries’ dynamic energy. On April 8, schedule some sweaty movement into your day like a hike, a run, or a climb. Playing fun, upbeat music will also do the trick.

Gather Your Crystals

For those who incorporate crystal work into their practices, fire quartz, red jasper, carnelian, or garnet can amplify your energy during eclipse meditations. Hold onto one while you meditate or place a particularly shiny crystal next to you as you journal.

Take Action!

So make the most of this rare opportunity to design your destiny and create real change in your life. Map out a plan, even if it’s a rough plan, with actionable steps for the next 6 months and create your future now!